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The Branding Bag has helped over 8,700 entrepreneurs & small business owners grow and scale their businesses! 

Market your business to over 8.7k members in our community.

The Branding Bag is an internet-based enterprise that provides small businesses a platform to sell their products and services all in one location.


The Branding Bag was created on March 10, 2020, by our founder Patreese Walker. As a small business owner herself, she understood the need to advertise daily on a platform outside of your normal timeline.


The Branding Bag (TBB) is now a community of over 8,700 members and growing. Within the community, businesses are shopping, shipping, & selling in over 32 states.


Click the link below to join us today!

Patreese Walker

We believe that community, marketing, and mentorship can turn your little small business into a large profitable company.

Our Mission

To deliver excellent service to our business affiliates & customers by providing a safe, reliable, and consistent platform of products & services.

Our Vision

To provide an accessible platform for small & local businesses around the world.

Our Commitment To Our

Business Affiliates

The Branding Bag commits to providing a stable platform with learning and growth opportunities to better assist our business affiliates to serve their customers. We value innovative, capable, & dedicated affiliates that align with our mission statement. Guided by our core values, we serve each other as we serve our community together.

Our Core Values

Respect: allowing others their dignity and showing regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others whether they are a business affiliate or a customer. Respect applies to the entire Branding Bag community. 

Accountability: Willingness of an individual or an organization to accept responsibility for their actions and try to rectify any wrongdoing to the best of their ability.

Integrity: Regarded as the honesty & truthfulness of one’s actions. We pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency for the benefit of our platform, business affiliates, and customers.

Service: Given when one acts for the benefit of another. Customer service is the core of The Branding Bag community, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Excellence: An ongoing effort to improve products, services, & processes for the betterment of the platform, the individual business affiliate, & the customers.

Safety: A personal responsibility & choice accomplished through training (education & certifications), awareness, transparency, communication, and processes set in place for the safety of the platform, the individual business affiliate, & customers.

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